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dry now but it won't be for long, showers will be moving in after the morning commute. mike is tracking the rain with live doppler 7 hd. hotel guests on the peninsula are back in their rooms after an overnight poisonous gas square forced them to evacuate for several hours -- gas scare, forced them to evacuate for several hours. new shopping center opens bringing jobs and possible traffic tie-ups. good morning, thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. you are probably curious as to where the rain is now, so are we. the good news it is holding off, not here for the morning commute, doppler showing the dry air right now over top of us let's head to the north, doppler out of eureka, showers moving along 101 from crescent city, heading towards -- ukiah over the next hour. the bulk of the system moving
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east the entire cold pocket of air moving south, rain this morning, after the commute in the north bay moving through the heart of the bay during lunch into the south bay during the afternoon. ahead of that, blustery today with temperatures barely making it up to 60° in the bay and inland only mid 50s at the coast. bumper-to-bumper behind the bay bridge toll good morning happy thursday metering lights on traffic backing towards the macarthur maze carpool lanes and fastrak the way to go once you get past the tolls on the incline section, right lane a stall waiting. on the san francisco sigh of the bay bridge earlier accident harrison street off-ramp is now cleared moderate traffic on the upper deck heading into the city beginning to bunch up east shore drive past golden gate fields into the macarthur maze moving but getting more crowded slight delay bart
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still reporting 5 to 10 minute delay between south city and colma due to earlier equipment problems on the track that is improving no other mass transit problems this morning. 6:02. hotel guests in burlingame are being allowed to return to their rooms after being evacuated early this morning. people at the airport embassy suites were evacuated 12:30 this morning because of carbon monoxide leaking from a boiler. the hotel called the fire department to check the air because a guest was taken to the hospital last night they were concerned the two incidents might be related. fireoffs gave the all-clear at 5 this morning after the boiler was shutdown and the air was deemed safe. terry mcsweeney will have more in 30 minutes. this morning a group of women with major financial backing say they are prepared to launch a recall campaign against ross mirkarimi. anti-domestic violence
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advocates plan to make it official next week. the same group who successfully campaigned to defeat supervisor christina alagi in tuesday's election one of four who vote give the sheriff his job back. mirkarimi was us is ed from office, following a domestic violence incident involving his wife before he was reinstated. in four hours the bay area's newest shopping center will open. amy hollyfield got the jump on the rest of us, she is live in livermore with a preview -- >> reporter: the paragon outlet mall will be opening this first in 11 years. employees are gathering these are the people who will be doing the valet parking. security told us there is so much excitement, they had to turn people away who wanted to camp out and be the first here for the opening. the mall has 130 stores and restaurants.
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so many people are expected today that officials think there will be traffic delays in the area this is off of the 580 in livermore at the el charro exit. predict s are this will generate six to eight million dollars a -- year in sales tax revenue for livermore people in this area say that it is such a welcome relief after a few tough years. >> i see this humongous mall going up with these amazing stores and people are going to come shopping and that is to me a soon of hope. -- to me a sign of hope. >> reporter: she is one of the lucky ones who got a job at this mall. the job fair last summer attracted thousands, 2 1/2 permanent jobs and hundreds of seasonal ones. it is 543,000 square feet, can you imagine? i wish i could show you the whole thing that would probably take the whole newscast, they are adding on
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in the spring they break ground for additional part to this mall. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. happening now, people camped out to be among the first customers at a new chick-fil-a restaurant in walnut creek the first 100 will each receive meal coupons for 52 free meals at 6:30 a.m.. protest are also expected, they are against the company's donations towards anti-gay organizations and for the public anti-gay stan the founder took this summer that protest is scheduled to begin at 9:00. -- the d.a.'s office could decide whether to file charges against three daycare workers. the magic place children's center in san rafael remains closed. autopsy shows the four-month-old accidentally suffocated after bedding cut often the child's airway. investigation -- cut off the
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child's airway. the investigation concluded that the staff found found the boy and waited 25 minutes before call ago ambulance. 80-year-old facing charges in the death of a 93-year-old man riding a scooter. the victim is alvin hess of sonoma he was on his scooter in a crosswalk when a driver hit him and took off, he died at a hospital. deputies spotted a pt cruise we are a damaged bumper and arrested the 80 year lee. he was driving on a suspended license he told officers he thought he hit debris in the road. president obama back in washington d c after securing a second term this week. the president and his first family arrived back at the white house last night. now mr. obama and congress must tackle the so-called fiscal cliff looming ahead. january 1st, an 800 billion
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dollar tax cut will expire. that will mean tax hikes and spending cuts kick in unless there's a deal. coming up our katie marzullo will have more. traffic and weather together, next. live look outside now before the rain comes this is the san mateo bridge deck dry, traffic moving fine.g5ç mike will tell us when rain will arrive in your neighborhood today. sue will check your commute. you know about black friday how about black thursday. how wal-mart is getting a bigger
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here's doppler out of eureka showers even moderate showers no thunder out of this storm yet we did have a few claps of thunder over the sierra as the rain has changed over to snow. winds are slowing now the cold front is moving away from us. gusts up to 30 in oakland we were in the 25 to 35 degree range for several hours this morning. breezy and cooler through 7:00, 40s and 50s, showers into the north bay, by noon into the heart of the bay noon to 2:00 in the south bay 2 to 4:00 does for 50s going to be chilly. -- dress for 50s going to be chilly.
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highway 24 through lafayette area and orinda camera shaking with the wind what a difference from yesterday moving nicely, 20 minute ride from 680 towards the caldecott tunnel. breezy at the golden gate bridge, moving lightly no problems into san francisco out of the waldo. i wanted to show you our traffic app this is highway 580 westbound from the central valley up and over the altamont pass, a little heavy moderate as you head to the dublin pleasanton area. free app you can download it to see what your commute looks like on the app store and google play. 6:11. black friday will be black thursday for wal-mart shoppers. d at 8:00 í'ph=nl0 thanksgiving night two hours earlier than last year plans on staggering promotions to avoid the rush and chaos that has frustrated shoppers in
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previous years. sears also plans to open at 8 p.m. thanksgiving night, best buy will open at midnight. if you are traveling instead of shopping for thanksgiving expect airports and planes to be more crowded. a trade group says 24 million are expected to fly between friday november 16th and tuesday november 27th. 150,000 more people than last year. planes are expected to be 90% full on some of those days. fewer planes are flying because of skyrocketing fuel prices. >> californians said no to labels for genetically engineered food. the reason backers of prop 37 say that is not the last you will hear from them. >> are service warranties worth the money? michael finney looks at whe
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partly sunny and showers today, cooler, mid 50s coast mid to upper 50s for rest of us we may make it to 60 in oakland and fairfield, you will be the exceptions. the next three days after today's showers and temperatures that well cooler tan average we are going to have scat -- cooler than average we are going to have scattered showers tomorrow, cooler than today, sunshine breaks out saturday and sunday, still middle 50s to 60°. 6:15. the organic farmers who pushed to label genetically modified foods say they are moving to
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other states after california voters defeated prop 37 tuesday, 53% of voters said, no on the measure. the yes on 37 campaign now tells the sacramento bee it is going to try similar efforts in washington, oregon, connecticut and vermont. they maintain the foods are unnatural and harmful to human health. microsoft admitting to consumers the storage space listed for its new surface tablet isn't true. microsoft is listing one model of the new tablet with 32 gig bites of storage space but it only has 16 the other 16 is used to install the new operating system microsoft tells the los angeles times it wants users to get the most out of the tablet. holiday shopping is just around the corner so are the hard sells for extended warranties and service plans for everything from computers to appliances. michael finney takes a look at whether you should buy one.
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>> reporter: good morning. consumer reports says there's a real dollar and cents reason for this stores make more profit on these than on the product you are buying. whether you are buying a holiday gift or need a new appliance you are often urged to buy a service plan. even online, many sites offer an extended protection plan before you check out. the consumer reports says, service plans are almost never worth it. >> our survey show products don't break down that much during the service contract period even if they do, it doesn't cost that much more to repair than for the contract. >> reporter: extended service plans are expensive they can boost cost by 30% or more and run into hundreds of dollars. >> if you pay for a repair yourself, there's a better chance that it going to be done correctly and quicker than if you had it repaired under a contract. >> reporter: that's what alan found when his dryer broke he
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was told he would have to wait three weeks to have it repaired under the service contract. >> i expected prompt service instead was told you are out of luck fella. >> reporter: consumer reports says better than buying a service plan is paying with a credit card. many cars automatically extent the warranty up to a year so check your terps. calling the manufacturer can pay too. -- >> because the manufacturer's warranty has expired doesn't mean you are out of luck if you contact the manufacturer and make a good argument there's a good chance the company will pay for part or all of repairs. >> reporter: the one possible exception to the no extended warranty rule is when buying a laptop if you are going to with it a lot you may want to consider an extended warranty that covers accidental damage. i'm michael finney, 7 on your size. >> i never the money.
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-- i never spend the money. moving system won't drop a lot of;$y rain sierra snow starting to turn into snow showers heaviest this afternoon through tomorrow back at home radar spinning live doppler up
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waiting for this rain to come in upper 40s in santa rosa, napa, fairfield low to mid 50s everybody a little cooler this morning and we have low to mid 50s monterey bay inland to gilroy, 58 salinas. today breezy, showers developing not only today but also tomorrow, interesting thing about tomorrow, thunder and small hail even once we get rid of the wet weather, we are locked into the cool air mass through sunday and mondayms let's talk about how things have changed 10° cooler today in concord than yesterday, one in oakland, san francisco three, same in santa rosa. while were you sleeping cold front came through that's why the winds are picking up and.
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evening commute should be okay, more showers develop during the evening and early overnight hours by tomorrow morning they are gone, tomorrow afternoon we get sunshine in, cold air mass, you can see the thunderstorms develop for friday afternoon into the evening. saturday, they are out of here, 10th to quart of an inch, possibly up to half an inch if you get caught under one of the heavier ones that could have hail in it. cool weather saturday, sunday, cooler than average all seven days of the forecast going to be drier starting saturday. east shore freeway accident on the shoulder 80 west at central avenue, farther east from our shot, a
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little slow traffic and beened in a lot of company towards the macarthur maze no major problem there is that accident out of lanes. stalled big rig north 880 at fifth embarcadero off-ramp blocking partially blocking that off-ramp there southbound 280 san francisco at san jose avenue stall in the off-ramp there partially blocking slight delay 5 to 10 minutes bart is saying between south city and colma due to earlier equipment problems no other mass transit delays. north 87 san jose first reports of accident south of the 280 junction partially blocking a lane and we'll update that for new a couple of minutes. 6:22. the hollywood actress wooed to run for a senate seat. special delivery, what a special delivery. police escort to make sure a
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in colma breezy, 49° at 7:00, showers should be there by nan, gone by 4:00, redevelop -- temperatures from 49 to 55, back down to 49. cupertino showers will take the better part of the day get to you 4:00, 61 at noon, increasing clouds and 53° with showers at 7:00, let's head
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over to pleasanton, breezy, 49, cool partly sunny and 60, light showers at 4:00 and also 7:00 dropping from 60 to 53°. >> have a good day. speculation mounting about a hollywood celebrity and a possible senate run. reports say some democrats are trying to recruit actress ashley judd for a senate race in kentucky or tennessee this 1014. she lives in tennessee now and used to live in kentucky. one congressman tells the newspaper judd could challenge senate minority leader mcconnell. the congressman goes on to say money would pour in for her. female giraffe created an unusual sight.
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she remained calm, she peeked her head out she is make the move to be with other giraffes at her new zoo. president obama gets back to work following his election victory. the looming financial crisis the president will be forced to tackle with the divided congress. prepping for an incoming storm late night construction on an east bay highway to make sure drivers stay safe during today's rain. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney at the embassy suites in burlingame, 500 guests were evacuated for hours this morning after carbon monoxide was detected in the hotel. now the controversy about how that evacuation was handled, coming up in a live report. >> good morning.
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you are looking at the bay bridge toll, the metering lights on. traffic backing towards the macarthur maze, carpool lanes and fast track whiching --
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some things are worth waiting for. thank you for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas.
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like this forecast is worth waiting for. it is going to be cool today, blustery is a good word to describe 50s and breezy conditions right now live doppler 7 hd still spinning, not picking up any radar returns until we get to the doppler in eureka, showers developing there, these are mainly heading east the entire system sinking to the south you can see it back-building that's going to move into the north bay latter parts of the morning bay during the lunch hour and south bay during the afternoon mid 50s coast mid 50s to 60 for warmth. san mateo bridge from hayward towards foster city at the limit, a few brake lights towards the highrise and foster city boulevard, about a 15 to 17 minute trip across the bay towards hayward.
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elsewhere, stalled big rig in oakland northbound 880 blocking embarcadero fifth on-ramp, partially blocking you can get off there, san francisco stall southbound 280 san jose avenue off-ramp san jose accident north 87 before 280 on the right shoulder slowing past the scene still with the bart delay in south san francisco earlier equipment problems between colma daly city south city 5 to 10 minutes no other mass transit problems. peninsula hotel guests are back in their rooms following a poisonous gas scare. some are not happy. terry mcsweeney joins us live from the embassy suites with what happened. >> reporter: some guests are telling me they didn't get communication from the hotel during this evacuation. i was up in the air and a lot of rumors going around the hotel -- it was up in the air and a lot of rumors, the hotel
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telling me -- [ unintelligible ] a give was taken to the hospital he carbon monoxide.sopping, -- the hotel sounded the alarm, 500 guests cleared. here is one guest described it. >> it was orderly. the hotel staff i didn't see any of them but the police department was good at directingphobes to get out and keeping everybody informed. once we go in the parking lot i was he said-she said. >> reporter: he didn't see any -- [ unintelligible ]
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two sides of this issue i can tell you for a fact all guests are back and the hotel is cleared the problem was a boiler emitting carbon monoxide it has been turned off and everything is back to normal. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. this morning a man is in custody after a pipe bomb was found in his car in san jose the bomb squad detonated that device after a man was pull over. no one was evacuated. a nearby holiday inn did warn guests to stay in. traffic at the intersection was shutdown for a few hours.
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the man suspected of killing a retired school teacher in hercules is scheduled to be arraigned in richmond. darnell keith washington faces a multitude of charges. police say he and his wife murdered 55-year-old susie ko at her home last month and stole her car. the wife still faces extradition from washington state where the couple was arrested following a crime spree. one of the men accused vandalizing a muni bus last week is scheduled for arraignment. yesterday police arrested another suspect 19-year-old nicholas hudson of daly city he faces vandalism and arson charges. police say they probably wouldn't have caught them without social media and the public's help. investigators hope the public can help with the capture of another man who used a skateboard to smash the bus's windshield. authorities looking for two
6:36 am
arsonists. president obama back in washington. he's getting back to work. katie marzullo joins us live from the newsroom with how politics and economics could lead the president and the divided congress to work to >> reporter: the concept of compromise is being bantered around. it is the same president and practically the same congress couldn't do it before, then why now? one reason is the fiscal cliff, january 1st, 800 billion dollars in automatic government spending cuts and tax increases will be enacted, unless democrats and republicans can agree. president obama has talked with the top four leaders in congress, including republican house speaker john boehner. boehner said yesterday his party would consider tax increases under the right circumstances. he sent a tweet this morning to that effect. republican party needs to regroup after mitt romney's loss. veteran republican strategist
6:37 am
wallace says the gop does need to change. >> what happens at this juncture is the same we talk about a war in the republican party between moderates and conservatives. that's an irrelevant and outdated debate it about is modernizing the language -- >> reporter: harry reid sounds ready to compromise saying in a news conference yesterday it is better to dance than to fight. "good morning america" will have more on the fiscal cliff, coming up at 7:00. tonight diane sawyer has an interview with john boehner. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> traffic and weather together next. live look outside from the embarcadero looking at the bay, a lot of clouds, clear skies not going to last long that system mike has been warning us about is here how rain will
6:38 am
affect your neighborhood forecast when we come back. sue will check in with your commute. east bay highway shuts down overnight the work by caltrans to make
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too bad the guys aren't here we're clear. ok, swarm! swarm! hello [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. let the making begin >> welcome back. this area of low pressure coming towards us and going to create showers for us, 40s, 50s showers north bay during the morning midday through the heart of the bay and then during the afternoon in the east bay valleys and south bay more scattered showers will develop during the evening. showers and thunderstorms tomorrow even snow down to possibly 3500 feet, diablo,
6:41 am
mount hamilton may have snow. saturday, sunday, cool, but sunny. accident off to the right this is 80 westbound at tennessee street. slowing past the scene, moderate drive towards the macarthur maze. let's look at our traffic app, this is 87 san jose, accident before 280 at alma, very slow headed northbound basically from the almaden expressway looks like before kurtner and that orange line extending to hillsdale northbound. if you would like to check out your commute this is a free app you can download it on the app for or google play. san jose 87 northbound before 280 pretty heavy approaching an accident lane two. a stretch of highway 13 in oakland reopened following overnight work to shore up a hillside. caltrans shutdown highway 13
6:42 am
between broadway terrace and moraga out of concern this morning's storm might trigger a rock slide crews installed large rock as long the slope to prevent smaller rocks above from falling on to the southbound lane of the highway they put up cement barriers along the shoulder. ahead, supply and demand. tech gadgets flying off shelves so fast one manufacturer can't key up. -- can't keep up. >> dow is up 37 points. we go to jane king
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welcome back. check out flanked by rain to the south, north, thunderstorms over the sierra tuning into thunder snow now. warm spot palm springs 82, tahoe 43 everybody he will in the 50s and 60s if you are heading to the high country, advisory starts at 4:00 this afternoon snow level down to 3,000 feet, i bet chains will be needed. we'll keep an eye on this. let's check in with josh elliot for what is coming up on "good morning america." hope it is a good morning for you josh with that nor'easter you must have had a tough time getting to work. i did. great to be with you. listening to that weather cast, we were wallopped from southern connecticut to an hour outside the city we woke to a foot of snow this morning. it makes your hart break to think about what the folks in the rockaways and long island
6:46 am
and staten island down the jersey shore experienced last night trying to pick up in the aftermath of sandy and now this. it is snapping limbs off of trees, finishing power to so many people who had just got finance it back you wonder how much more can these -- just wonder send us your thoughts and prayers there are so many out here who could use epidemic. the man in michigan accused of terrorizing motorist arrested after more than to dozen highway shootings. what made a married father snap? we will have the latest. interesting comments from his family members as police narrowed in on the man they believe is responsible. also, brazen robbery, thieves on motorcycles stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, during business hours. you are not watching a movie
6:47 am
this happened we'll tell you why and what they got away with. don't know if you have seen it if you haven't it is fantastic. sam is the one with the ball, i said it correctly, she is a she, ponytail and all, she is absurdly good at the sport, running all over the boys. she is also maybe the cutest nine-year-old you are going to see and she joins us live this morning to discuss what is -- what is a won dust athletic achievement and her hopes and dreams you are going to fall in love with little sam gordon, all next. >> she runs down hill. >> she runs downhill, even when the defense -- >> can't wait to see her, thanks. chinese factory that makes components for apple says it
6:48 am
can't keep up with demand for the latest iphone. the chairman of the company says the design of the iphone makes production difficult but declined to say whether the company plans to outsource to other makers. apple shares have fallen in recent weeks in -- investors made an election correction following president obama's victory. better news if you are hosting thanksgiving dinner this year. >> jane king is live from the new york stock exchange, good morning. >> folks need to hear good news. good morning. we are a little calmer today. that's nice. nothing like the plunge we had yesterday at this hour when investors speculated democrat president, republican house may not work together enough to an individual that so-called fiscal cliff of automatic tax mikes and spending cuts that will be automatic -- tax hikes and spending cuts that will be automatically triggered.
6:49 am
this morning a better than expected report on weekly jobless claims part reflecting hurricane sandy, probably be dealing with those numbers for the next four weeks, we are higher dow up 40 s&p and nasdaq up as well bloomberg index trading higher mcdonald's shocker posting first monthly decline in sales in nine years this is in part because of a drop in up is customer traffic. meantime, good news if you are having guests over for thanksgiving, the cost of the dinner is creeping a little higher slightly the average price to make a dinner with fixings for 10 is $49.48 only 20 eight cents more than last year, that -- only 28 cents more than last year. live at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king.
6:50 am
don't forget to grab year umbrella as you head out. >> probably a heavier coat, cooler, breezy and dry now as we look from our roof cam, past the san francisco to the diablo range. partly cloudy, showers are showing up in the northwest corner of the state, those have eyes on our neighborhoods the morning hours in the north bay, midday through the bay area south bay by the afternoon commute is going to be fine as far as wet weather goes. cool conditions, upper 50s in santa rosa, napa, fairfield low to mid 50s gusts 20 to 25 miles per hour a little wind chill this morning. breezy, showers today and tomorrow thunder will roll in tonight and tomorrow small hail possible chilly sunday and monday morning cold air
6:51 am
mass not leaving any time soon, we are 6 to 11° cooler than average. we have swung 20 to 30° in 48 hours. cold front came through last night now trough of low pressure and cold air riding down or driven by in 150 mile per hour jet stream headed our way. after the morning rush, showers move into the north bay, noon, 1:00 in the heart of the bay midday into the around south bay once they pass more showers develop on the back side through the early morning hours going to clear up before thunderstorms develop tomorrow afternoon and into the evening for friday. 10th to quarter inpossible if you get caught under one of the heavier storms up to half an inch possible cooler saturday, sunday, frost monday morning, still cool tuesday and wednesday afternoon. problems in san jose. thursday morning northbound
6:52 am
280 commute past highway 17 a little farther north in cupertino at wolf road accident blocking lanes two and three northbound on 280. elsewhere, accident west 80 at tennessee that is on the right you can see drive times from the carquinez to the maze under 30 minutes. your traffic app, san jose 87 northbound bumper-to-bumper accident lane two, alternate 101 looking good, 280 in cupertino with that accident at wolf road. if you would like to check out your commute on this free app, download it on the app store or google play. straight ahead, five things to know before you go, including the peninsula hotel guests back in their rooms.
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good morning live look at heavenly in tahoe. already a thin blanket of snow, snow showers coming down now meteorologist mike nicco says this is from the system an is going to be bringing us rain very soon in the next few hours for many of us certainly everybody wet by the afternoon commute. he's going to have one more look at that coming up. here are five things to know before you go: >> number one, firefighters say carbon monoxide leaking from a boiler caused the evacuation of 500 hotel guests at airport embassy suites in burlingame early today people were allowed to return to their room two hours ago. >> number two, countdown on for new bay area outlet mall, it features several high end stores. economy complete it will have 120 stores employee 2,000 and deliver two million dollars in tax revenue to the city. >> number three, protesters
6:55 am
planning to demonstrate at grand opening of a chick-fil-a in walnut creek in two hours, protesting the company's donations to anti-gay organizations and for the public anti-gay stance the founder took this sumner. >> number four, in arizona sentencing scheduled today for jared loughner the man behind the shooting rampage that left six dead and wounded former woman gabrielle giffords and 12 others. she and her husband are tentatively scheduled to be in court for that hearing. >> number five, if you are heading out have an umbrella, new storm headed our way, first rain expected after the morning commute the bulk hitting most of the bay area by -- we'll let mike tell you about that. it is quiet as far as radar returns go here but it is breezy and chilly this morning so be prepared for that, have your wet weather gear handy by 9:00, the rain is going to move in to the north bay showers by noon
6:56 am
going to move into the heart of the bay during the afternoon hours it will push through the south bay and east bay valley as head of that partly sunny today only mid 50s at the coast mid 50s to near 60 for the rest of us temperatures tumbling once again. thunderstorms in the forecast tomorrow. >> bumper-to-bumper behind the bay bridge toll, metering lights on traffic backing towards the macarthur maze to san jose 280 northbound bumper-to-bumper there due to accident wolf and cupertino blocking two lanes back to our traffic waze app, 87 in the northbound direction earlier accident just cleared before 280, the damage is done, it is bumper-to-bumper all the way from highway 85 in the northbound direction towards the scene of that accident just cleared 101 still a good alternate san jose this morning. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news.
6:57 am
>> we'll be back in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic during "good morning america." mike will keep us posted on the storm all morning. >> we'll have an update at noon also when the rain will be moving through the north bay and the heart of the bay. hú
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